We provide high performance analytics and cyber security solutions to help you make the most of your information technology investment and gain a competitive edge.

We have experience in creating technologies for over two decades. We have provided successful deployments for the healthcare, finance and retail industries. We design solutions with the goal of providing our customers with better business insights, leading to new opportunities and improved growth.

Our solutions help reduce operational costs, gain insights, secure infrastructure, and support effective decision making.

Unique engineering solutions requires a world class team, our blend of skills and personalities gives you a hollisitic solution approach
Dr Shlomo Hershkop

Dr Shlomo Hershkop


Shlomo has a background in IDS, Data mining, Cyber Security, and Machine Learning. He has many publications and patents in these areas. He has been involved in launching and growing four other startups.
He has successfully deployed large scale data and user behavior modeling systems for cyber security applications.

Joel Hypolite

Joel Hypolite


Joel’s research interests are broadly in the areas of networking, security, and artificial intelligence and is currently pursuing his PhD at University of Pennsylvania. Prior to this he was a lead engineer at MITRE on multiple cyber projects. He was an officer in the United States Air Force responsible for cyberthreat defense.

Yossi Itzinger

Yossi Itzinger

Front End Developer

Yossi is an experienced front end programmer and user interface designer. He has extensive experience in web development and video marketing for business and political candidates. He has worked on graphical interface designs for a variety of security and e-commerce engines on the commercial market.

Dr John Sonchak

Research Scientist

John is focused on hardware/software co-design and the intersection of machine learning and logical reasoning. John received his BS in Mathematics from Villanova University and MS and PhD in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania. His thesis involved designing, building, and modeling large scale network monitoring platforms that split processing between hardware and software.

Daniel Atkins

Data Scientist

Daniel Atkins is software developer working in development of mobile engagement apps for iOS and Android. Other work includes server side JavaScript, development of data integration solutions using Alteryx, SSIS and Python, and development of dashboards.

Daniel spent 14 years working for Intelligence Community contractors where he where he was recognized expert in data integration, discrete event simulation via ExtendSim, data analysis using SAS among others. He holds a BS in Computational Mathematics and an ME in Systems Engineering.

Pesach Zirkind

Full Stack Developer

Pesach Zirkind managed the web application development for Twin America. Twin America owns over 40 global travel, leisure and entertainment companies with gross revenues reaching over a million each day. Pesach established direction for modernizing and refactoring the point of sale, eCommerce and backend ledgers systems. With more than 10 years experience in product management and software development Mr Zirkind recently served as the lead developer for highly customized cybersecurity software solutions at Abbott. Earlier he served as the Director of eCommerce development for theshops.tv a video eCommerce startup.

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